mm影院I believe you are married to your job/employer. As your executive recruiter I will help match your wants and needs to those of your employer by providing you with crucial information to facilitate your decision making process. I have successfully matched thousands of candidates with their employment "mates", let me find your perfect match!

My Company, The Kaufman Agency has insurance recruiting specialists with over 10 years of experience in the field. Our commitment is to serve your recruiting needs quickly, professionally and with the highest integrity. 
We look forward to the opportunity of serving you,
Patrice Kaufman
The Kaufman Agency specializes in Insurance Industry positions. We are committed to searching for only the highest caliber candidates to fill employer needs in all professional areas as well as support areas. Some important facts to note about The Kaufman Agency are:
  • All applicants are personally interviewed in depth and are critiqued as to their strengths and weaknesses. Candidates are selected for referral by skills, attitudes, stability and desires.
  • Candidate references are professionally checked from peers, subordinates and superiors. Backgrounds are verified as to dates of employment, positions held, salaries and responsibilities. A written report will be sent upon request.
  • Company information and detailed job descriptions are thoroughly reviewed with potential candidates in advance of any interviews. This way both the companies and candidates desires can be carefully matched so that time is not wasted.
    Our References are available upon request
The Kaufman Agency
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