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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Playoff Wins Not Enough to reach PNW Championship: “Gremlins Think We are a Rest Stop”

On March 22-24 in Spokane, Washington at West Valley High School, a competition week 4 event, FRC Team 5295 “Aldernating Current”, vault robot of the #4 Playoff Alliance,won its quarterfinal match 2-0, defeated the #1 alliance in the first game inthe semi-finals and lost the last two semi-final matches to go 7-9-1(win-loss-tie) overall.  Team 5295 finished qualification matches with a4-7-1 record (win-loss-tie) ranked #24th of 28 teams.  The team went 7-9-1 overall.

Theability to single-handedly move all nine power cubes into the vault attractedthe attention of the #4 alliance captain Team 5920 “VIKotics” and host Team2147 “CHUCK”.  Team 5295 “AldernatingCurrent” selected Team 2147 “CHUCK” as part of our #5 playoff alliance at the PacificNorthwest Championship last April.  Ourability to single-handedly fill up the vault allowed our playoff partners tofocus on the scale and switches.

Team5295 had 33 people at the Spokane competition. The 18 students (the most everat a competition in five years) were from Shelton High (6) and Oakland BayJunior High (12). The teammates held various positions: Cameron (load-in, pitcrew, technician, & load-out); Carolynn (load-in, drive coach, lead scout, allianceselection team representative, & load-out); Dylan R. (co-driver, pit crew,load-out); Dylan S. (pit crew, technician, load-out); Hope (scout &alliance selection); Jacob  (scout &alliance selection), Jaeden (load-in, pit chief, technician, load-out); James(scout); Jerome “JJ” (scout), Josh (scout, & alliance selection); Joy(photographer, scout); Juan (scout); Lluvia (volunteer field reset & scout);Rechal (human player, & scout); Robert (safety captain & load-out); Seth(driver, & scout); Te’Yana (human player & scout); Tristin (leadprogrammer, load-in, driver, pit crew, alliance selection & load-out).

Eightadults participated: M.Bigelow (mentor, chaperon, & volunteer robotinspector), R.Clarey (head coach & travel logistics), F.Newby (chaperon),V.Norwood (chaperon,  lunch &evaluation mentor), H.Sedillo (chaperon & lunches), E.Stokely (coach and volunteerfield reset lead), A.Walker (mentor, chaperon, & blogspot reporter) andCharlene (bus driver).

Tristin’sgrandmother, great aunt, aunt, and two cousins watched matches from the stands.

VOLUNTEERS: For the first timein five years, a student volunteered to help with the event. Lluvia volunteeredto help with field reset. E.Stokely volunteered as the field reset lead andM.Bigelow as a robot inspector.  It takesabout fifty volunteers to run a FIRST Robotics Competition districtcompetition.  For more information aboutvolunteering, see https://www.firstinspires.org/ways-to-help/volunteer/event-volunteers

DAY1: Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thefive-and-a-half hour trip was broken up by a stop in Ellensburg (I-5 exit 109)for dinner (heading east at Wendy’s and heading west at Carl’s Jr).

LOAD-IN team of Cameron,Carolynn, Jaeden, Tristin, another team & E.Stokely unloaded the trailer.  The adults departed to volunteerregistration; E.Stokely to field reset and M.Bigelow to robot inspection. Our fourteammates set-up the pit.

Carolynnand Tristin represented the team at the 7:30PM drivers meeting. Trippinghazards was given special emphasis. 

2018competition robot Locust again weighed 105# and easily fit inside the perimeterbox.  The maximum weight allowed is 120 pounds. Due to the 7PM latearrival (pits opened at 5PM) Team 5295 was not able to finish robot inspectionby 9PM when the pits closed.  Robotinspectors started but did not complete the pneumatic checklist.

DAY2: Friday, March 23, 2018

Jaedentold the team the status of robot inspection. Carolynn shared information fromthe drivers meeting and organized the first shift of scouts.  Tristin shared tootsie roll lollypops witheveryone. With school in session at West Valley High, robot teams were notallowed to show up until 8:15AM when the pits opened. With the extra time CoachClarey did some team bonding exercises. She explained “Telephone” to those whohad never played before. “The funky monkey shews flying.” became “The funkymonkey should not fly.”  H.Sedillo leadthe team in “I am going camping and I am bringing...”.  Much laughter at 7:30AM is always a goodtonic.

Thepit team quickly finished the pneumatics checklist and got Locust through robotinspection early Friday morning.

Thedrive team took Locust over to the practice field to connect to the field andpractice a match on the actual field of play.

SafetyCaptain Robert displayed the team’s first aid kit, first responder kit, fire extinguisher,battery spill kit, and an eye wash kit on the safety wall on the side of thepit.  No safety equipment was used at theWest Valley Spokane competition.  Roberttaped down tarp seams to prevent spectators tripping nearby in the aisles.  Safety advisors asked a question mentors hadnot prepared our Safety Captains for: “What is the team’s gathering point incase of an emergency?”  After discussion,the team decided to meet outside the main doors of West Valley High main doorsand to the left, which doubled as the team’s lunch spot. 

Theteam received a housekeeping smiley face for its pit condition early Saturdaymorning from the Safety Advisors.  Jamesdisplayed a miniature version of the playing field (1/48 scale) made from graphpaper. For the second time this year, another team wore flannel shirts besidesAldernating Current.  Pendleton Team 6442“Modern Americans” had a 6’6” mascot dressed as Uncle Sam.

Atour earlier competition in Wilsonville two weeks ago, Zoe was responsible forputting a fresh battery in Locust before every match.  Jaeden modified thebattery log.  Dylan R. volunteered toinstall a fresh battery prior to each match. All batteries used in competitionwere purchased in 2018: Astroids, Centipede, DK, Froggert, Galigan, PacMan, andSonic. Like most FIRST Robotics Competitions, power at the high school was verylimited.  The team charged batteries overnight in the room of Dylan R. andTristin.  The team lugged the 14lbs. batteries and 20lbs charger up to thesecond floor.

Jaedencreated a pre-match checklist.  It hasthree sections: electrical, mechanical, and pneumatics. The idea is for thetechnician to complete this prior to each match.

Theteam uniform consisted of 2018 T-shirts, and flannel shirts.  The front of the T-shirt features the teamlogo teammates designed February 2017. Zoe and Carolynn designed the back ofthe 2018 T-shirt.  The actual back art design was a compromise betweenstudent art and manufacturing constraints of our sponsorBlackStarPrint.com.  The retro font and pixelated letters remain a hit.Championship sweatshirts and suspenders were spotted among team members.

Carolynn(Jedi) and Hope (Padawan) acted as our Head Scout with assistance from CoachClarey, V.Norwood, and A.Walker.  Each scout clipboard had a legendwritten by Tristin. All students participated in scouting except for those onthe pit crew or drive team. Adults rarely did scouting, a huge change from lastyear.  Another improvement from 2017 was giving scouts time to take abreak and walk the robot pits. Carolynn organized scouts into shifts.

KevinRoss, co-found of FIRST Washington with Eric Stokely, said there are 1 millionalums of the FIRST programs in the world. There are 1000 teams here inWashington State.  Two hundredinstitutions offer over $50 million in scholarships to high school seniors andjuniors on a FIRST team.  Moreinformation at http://www.firstinspires.org/scholarships

Judgesinterviewed Carolynn (10:15AM) and Tristin (11:45AM), the team’s two 2018Dean’s List Semi-Finalists. The Dean’s List honors those students who bestexhibit the values of FIRST.

Sethadded a rope to the robot cart to help turn it around corners. Electrical tapein the middle helped hands grip the rope. Carolynn (drive coach; spoke to otheralliance coaches), and Dylan R (co-driver) competed in every match. Backup driver Seth drove Locust in matches 6 and 10 while Tristin was at hisDean’s List interview. Tristin (driver) competed in the otherqualification matches and the playoff matches. Cameron and Dylan S took turnsas the technician, responsible for any last minute adjustments to the robot.  Jaeden was the technician in match 30. Rechal and Te’Yana rotated as the human player. The three human players (onefrom each team) puts new power cubes on the field at the portal (2) and stackspower cubes in the vault (1). The team used a white board to list the humanplayer and technician for each match.

Duringqualification matches, teams are randomly assigned.  Watch matches at https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/5295. These sometimesare loaded a full day after the match takes place.

Quals Match 1 Blue: Left position.Technician Cameron & Human player Rechal. Our autonomous program was not turnedon.  Locust got 7 cubes into the vault. 468-204 Win 1-0 2RP (RankingPoints) Dylan R. noticed that our alliance partner, host West Valley High Team2147 “CHUCK”, had a lot of spirit. We would hear them chant“C-H-U-C-K, we chuckit all the way” whenever their team played a match.

PIT Tristin discoveredthat our autonomous program did not reset encoder values to zero at thebeginning of autonomous.  He added a lineof code to reset the encoder values. Cameron and Jaeden added two side bolts tohold the plastic triangle more securely on the cube grabber. Jaeden figured outhow Locust could hold the cube in the high position at start.

Quals Match 6 Red: Center position.Technician Dylan S. & Human player Te’Yana.  Locust moves pastbaseline and puts a cube in to the switch. In teleop Seth drives Locust and puts 8 in the vault. 215-426 Loss 1-1 +0RPfor 2RP total ranked 15th.

PIT Crew discovers thatLocust cannot get cubes into the switch during teleop. The lifter does not workas intended. There is no easy fix.

Quals Match 10 Red: Center position.Technician Cameron & Human player Rechal Cross the baseline for fivepoints. Seth drives and moves 9 cubes into the vault. Park on platform inendgame. Alliance partner Team 3712 robot does not show up for the match.  117-380 Loss 1-2 +0RP ranked 20th.

PIT Crew added thesurgical tubing to help support the initial cube during autonomous. A robotinspector (not M.Bigelow) signs off on the configuration change.

Quals Match 18 Blue: Left position. TechnicianDylan S. & Human player Te’Yana.  Pastbaseline in autonomous. Team 5803 drops a cube on the switch. Tristin drives Locustand moves 9 into the vault. 299-280 Win 2-2 +3RP for 5RP total ranked 16th.

PIT  Cameron and Dylan R. remove blue bumpers andinstall red bumpers. Each tightens two wing nuts and one bolt.  Jaeden H. discovers an Anderson electricalconnection unplugged hidden by tape. Tristin notices that our pneumatics islosing pressure.  E.Stokely recommendstightening the dial and leaving it alone. As all this happens, Team 5920 visits. They are an alliance partner in upcomingmatch 22.

Quals Match 22 Red: Right position. TechnicianCameron & Human player Rechal  Locustmoves forward in autonomous but not past the baseline. During teleop, Locustgets 9 cubes to the vault. 398-50 Win 3-2 +2RP for 7RP total now ranked 13th.

PIT Crew notices thatof the right two motors, one is cooler and the other warmer.  Tristin N. says the right motors have diedthe last two matches. Ben, the lead mechanical guide of Team 4120 (alliancepartner for match 28) wonders if enough power is going to both motors. Tristinchecks this with a multi-meter and sees power going to both motors. Jaeden hasCameron swap out the #3 motor just in time to queue. Time is critical; thereisn’t enough time to go through the checklist.

Quals Match 28 Red: Center position. TechnicianDylan S. & Human player Te’Yana Locust moves forward one foot in autonomousand stops. Locust can only move in circles. Places 0 cubes into vault. 261-261 Tie3-2-1 +1RP for 8RP total

QUEUE The drive movesdirectly back to the queue for match 30. Jaeden and Dylan R. replace redbumpers with blue ones. Ben with Spokane Team 4120 “Jagwires” sticks around tohelp diagnose the problem. We discover that no one plugged the motor controllerinto the new motor #3.

Quals Match 30 Blue: Left position. TechnicianJaeden & Human player Te’Yana. In autonomous, Locust crosses baseline.Yeah! The right motors are now working. Both partners place a cube in ourswitch. Locust and Kettle Falls Team 4980 “Canine Crusaders” get six cubes intovault. 490-228 Win 4-2-1 +3RP 11P total. Our alliance set a new high score forthe day. Te’Yana exclaims “We’re in 11th place!”

PIT Jaeden notes thatthe checklist was used in only four of the first seven matches. Using thechecklist would turn match 28 into a win from a tie simply by plugging themotor controller into motor #3.  Gremlinsnow visit us more regularly.

Quals Match 34 Red: Right position. TechnicianCameron & Human player Rechal. Crosses baseline in auto. In teleop Team5295 gets one cube into the vault and then plays defense preventing Team 4980“Canine Crusaders” from climbing.  Thestrategy does not work and a 289-300 Loss drops us to 4-3-1 +0RP for 11RP totalnow ranked 16th.

SAFETY GLASS TABLE   From 4-5PM, James and Juan sit at the safetyglass table. They collect safety glasses, clean them, and hand them out tovisitors (not team members).  Each teamsigns up to cover one hour at the safety glass table at the entrance to thepit.

PIT Matt, a mentor withTeam 4061 “SciBorgs” suggests installing the “Power Over Ethernet” (POE)distributed in the Kit-of-Parts at the radio. Jaeden discovers we did not bring this along. The POE greatly reducesthe chance of a power reboot during a match. Mentor Matt hands out a dozen redclips that tie two mating Anderson connectors to each other; they cannotseparate.  Silverdale Team 3223 also saysany wires should be unstressed going into electrical boxes.

Quals Match 41 Red: Left position.Technician Dylan S. & Human player Rechal. Crossed baseline in auto. Inteleop got 2 power cubes into our switch and 5 into the vault. Parked at theplatform in the endgame. 143-264 Loss 4-4-1 +0RP 11RP total ranked 19th.

PIT Dylan S. and Jaedenreplace the green rollers in an attempt to improve Locust’s ability to pickupcubes. Another bumper swap. At Wilsonville (with 37 teams competing), we weredone at this point for the day having completed 9 matches. Here in Spokane (28teams) we have two more matches today.

Quals Match 45 Red: Right position.Technician Dylan S. & Human player Te’Yana. Locust moves forward duringauto. It drops a cube into our switch just as teleop starts. Locust moves 6into the vault. Team 3575 adds three more to completely fill up the vault. 146-338Loss 4-5-1 +0RP for 11RP total ranked 21st.

PIT Jaeden replacesshort bolts with a longer one that hold on the right roller. This should removethe wobble in the roller. Dylan S. files off sharp edges including new cableties and vacuums chips away from the electronics. Cameron completes the checklist.

Quals Match 50 Blue : Center position.Technician Cameron & Human player Rechal. Locust does not cross baseline inauto. Got a cube in our switch, one on our opponent’s switch and 4 in thevault. Parked at the platform in the endgame. 259-426 Loss 4-6-1 +0RP for 11RPtotal ranked 24th.

SENIOR PHOTO   Kevin Ross exhorts seniors to: recognizethat being part of the FIRST community will open doors in the future; stay intouch with your team; and always apply ‘Gracious Professionalism’.

PIT Crew fixed the liftand practice picking up cubes and placing them in the switch. Tristin believesthat Locust was in the best condition of the season.

TEAM 488 SUMMERCAMERA WORKSHOP   Seattle Team 488 “Xbot” (24-9 so far in2018) is losing a lot of seniors this year. To mitigate this, they will have a camera workshop this summer coveringboth hardware and software.  Team 488uses top of the line gear (ZED camera or the professional version of MicrosoftConnect camera).  One step down from thisis the JETSON TX1 (a $200 part available for free at FIRST CHOICE) which does avery good job according to robot inspector J.Wright. Out of the box, J.Wrightused his Jetson to video his kitchen and then walked it virtually. At the 2017week 1 competition in Auburn, robot inspector J.Wright educated Dylan R. andTristin on how best to write autonomous code. He admires Team 5295 for ourmentality of “We don’t have a skill; let’s go get it.”  

DINNER MEETING Everyone ate asmuch pizza as they wanted in the lobbly/dining area at our Ramada Inn. CoachClarey ordered dinner from a local pizzeria.  Having spoken earlier withhead coach Clarey, coach Stokely shared some positives: our robot Locust wasfunctional and moved in every match. A.Walker commented that Clarey and Stokelyare doing the best job in five years teaching ‘Gracious Professionalism’ toteammates.

DAY3: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Atbreakfast – with a good night’s sleep - Carolynn, Hope, Josh & Tristinreviewed the scout sheets for a quick half-hour.  They prioritizedpotential robot partners based on their performance noted on our scout sheets.

Quals Match53 Blue: Right position. TechnicianDylan S. & Human player Rechal. In autonomous, Locust drove past thebaseline to the switch.  Locust bumped the switch wall and accidently droppeda power cube on the opponent’s side of our switch.  Locust got 9 cubes inthe vault.  302-385 Loss 4-7-1 +0RP for 11RP total and #24 afterqualifications.

Aftereach team competes in 12 qualification matches, the teams are ranked based onwins and ranking points. The top eight ranked teams become alliance captainsand select their two alliance partners.  These alliances do not changethroughout the playoffs.

Witheight teams unpicked, the alliance captain of the #4 playoff alliance – PaulouseWA Team 5920 “VIKotics” (#5 after qualifications) – and its partner hostSpokane Team 2147 CHUCK (#8 after qualifications) “graciously invite Team5295”. Cheers rang out. Team 5295 representative Carolynn C. said we “acceptyour gracious offer.”

PalouseSchool District has one elementary school and one high school. Palouse Highhome to Team 5920 “VIKotics” graduated 14 students last year, and will graduate23 more in 2018. Its sister school district, Garfield, has one elementaryschool and a middle school.  Neitherelementary school has an FIRST Lego League team.  Students from both school districts attendthe sole middle and high school.  Thereis no FIRST Tech Challenge team at the middle school. Both school districts areFFA (Future Farmers of America).  Team5920 is in its fourth year.  Its keymentors came from other teams. A mentor from Tekoa Team 4608 “Duct TapeWarriors” knew the tools and grants to get. Another mentor had been withPullman Team 4061 “SciBorgs” for seven years. Key funding comes from a fall spaghetti feed which raises $5000. Thereare only 300 students in the two school districts combined!

Afteralliance selection, teams ate lunch. After lunch we moved to the other side of the spectator stands and satwith our alliance partners. 

QF2-1 Red: Our #4 playoffalliance (5920-2147-5295) faced off against the #5 playoff alliance(6442-4089-2148) in the quarterfinals. The favored alliance wears the redbumpers. Technician Cameron and Human player Rechal. While our alliance dressedin flannel, our three team alliance in the stands chanted “Let’s go Vikings,let’s go!”, “C-H-U-C-K; we chuck it all the way”, and “Al-der Po-wer” to getour alliance in the right mindset. Locust got nine cubes into the exchangefilling the vault. Team 5920 and 2147 dominated the scale and our switch early.418-190 Win 1-0. Another chant: “We are proud of you. Yes, we are proud ofyou.”

QF2-2 Red: Technician Dylan R.and Human player Rechal. Team 5295 got nine cubes into the exchange filling thevault. Team 5920 controls the scale and both alliance partners control bothswitches. 342-54 Win 2-0 and advance to semi-finals.

SF1-1 Blue: Our #4 playoffalliance (5920-2147-5295) faced off against the #1 playoff alliance(5803-4513-6076) in the semi-finals.Technician Dylan R. and Human player Rechal.Team 5295 got nine cubes into the exchange filling the vault. Although Team 5803“APEX” controls the high scale, our alliance partners control both switches.284-229 upset Win 1-0.  We are one gamefrom the finals.

SF1-2 Blue: Technician Cameronand Human player Rechal. Locust got nine cubes into the vault. The #1 allianceprotected their switch very well. 274-503 Loss 1-1. The winner of the nextmatch heads to the finals.

SF1-3 Blue: Technician Cameronand Human player Rechal. Locust got nine cubes into the vault. The #1 allianceholds their switch. 279-407 Loss 1-2. Our #4 playoff alliance is eliminated andwill not play in the finals. Afterwards a Team 5803 mentor said to Team 5295“You have a good robot.”

FINALS:The #1 alliance defeated the #2 alliance 2-1 in the finals.

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS   When the volunteers were thanked Dylan R.and Tristin led a cheer of “We are proud of you. Yes we are proud of you.”

LOAD-OUT Cameron, Carolynn, DylanR., Dylan S., Jaeden, Robert, & Tristin bagged Locust, packed up the pit,and loaded the trailer.

“Wewere closer than last time.”
“Wewent here and had fun”
“Alittle bit stressful and a lot of fun”
“Scoutingis fun but tiring”
“Stressfulcrazy and an emotional roller-coaster”
“We got things fixed a lot”     
 “Ah we had a problem. Ah they are fixed.”
“Gremlinsthink we are a rest stop”
“Tiredand we are really happy to be going home. It was amazing.”

HOME   We arrived back at Shelton High at 11:30PM.

#ILookLikeanEngineer photos grew female participation from 7% twoyears ago to 44% now at Kettle Falls Team 4980 “Canine Crusaders”.  The team won the Imagery Award at thisSpokane District competition for its Faces of Engineering photo booth. Photosof young women on the robotics team with their robots were posted at elementaryschools, middle schools, and junior highs in the school district. Thisemphasized that yes, of course, girls and young women Look Like An Engineer. Team4980 collaborates with Umatilla, Oregon Team 4125 “Confidential” to publicizetheir “I Look Like an Engineer” program, a movement that started in 2015.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Team 5295 Makes Semi-Finals at WILSONVILLE March 8-10

Team Turns Poor 0-6 Start into a Quarterfinal Win 

Asthe vault robot of the #3 Playoff Alliance, FRC Team 5295 “Aldernating Current”won its quarterfinal match and lost in the semi-finals.  In a competition week 2 event in Wilsonville,Oregon at Wilsonville High School, Team 5295 started 0-6 moving only 3-4 powercubes in the vault.  Then the pit crewremoved the arms and hands from their 2018 competition robot “Locust” (namedafter the Locust tree).  This was theturning point.  The drive team focused onmoving power cubes to the vault getting 7, 8, and 9 (filling the vault).  In the last half of qualifications Team 5295went 3-3 and finished qualifications 3-9 ranked #29th of 37 teams.

Theability to move all nine power cubes into the vault attracted the attention ofa scout on Portland Team 2374 “Crusader Bots”. This got us into the #3 Playoff Alliance. Our ability to single-handedlyfill up the vault allowed Team 2374 and Lake Oswego, Oregon Team 2635 “LakeMonsters” to focus on the scale and switches.

Team5295 brought 31 people to the Wilsonville competition. The 17 students (themost ever at a competition in five years) held various positions: Cameron (load-in,pit crew, technician, & load-out); Carolynn (load-in, scoutforms/prioritize, drive coach); Dylan R. (co-driver, technician, scout); DylanS. (pit crew, technician, load-out); Hope (scout/prioritize); Jaeden (load-in, pitchief, technician, load-out); James C (human plaer, scout, load-out); Josh S.(scout, human player); Kirstin (scout, human player & yell/cheer leader); Lluvia(bumper construction, scout, & load-out); Rechal (scout, human player, load-out);Robert (safety captain, scout); Seth (scout, driver, human player); Te’Yana (scout,human player, load-out); Tristin (lead programmer, load-in, scout legend/prioritize,driver, pit crew & load-out), Xavier (scout, human player & arcadehat); Zoe (T-shirt art, assistant safety captain,  & pit crew battery focal).

Fourteen adults participated: C.Angel & auntNora, M.Bigelow (mentor/chaperon), R.Clarey (head coach& travel logistics), M.Cordova (created 24 arcade hats), A.Hansen,K.Hansen, F.Newby (chaperon), V.Norwood (chaperon), B.Sedillo (lunches &chaperon), H.Sedillo (lunches & chaperon), E.Stokely (coach and v robotinspector volunteer), A.Walker (chaperon, blogspot, & lead mentor) &Charlene (bus driver).

DAY 1: Friday, March9, 2018
Duringqualification matches, teams are randomly assigned.  After each team competes in 12 qualificationmatches, the teams are ranked based on wins and ranking points. The top eight rankedteams become alliance captains and select their two alliance partners.  These alliances do not change throughout theplayoffs.

Beforedeparting, our fantastic bus driver Charlene told us that the fire extinguisher,first aid kit, and seat belt cutter are up front.  The bus has six emergency exits: front andback windows push out; two side door exits, and two top exits.  Also all the side windows open.

Thetwo-and-a-half hour trip south was broken up by a stop at Shari’s (I-5 exit 39)for dinner.

LOAD-IN team of Cameron, Carolynn,Dylan R, Jaeden, & Tristin loaded the trailer, and set-up the pit.

Cameron,Dylan S, Jaeden (pit chief), Tristin, Zoe (batteries), M.Bigelow and E.Stokelyworked the robot inspection list with the robot inspectors.  The team had only completed one of two redbumpers and no blue bumpers prior to the event. The pit crew constructed thebumpers in addition to making the final adjustments to hands, arms, and code.The 2018 competition robot Locust weighed 105#. The maximum weight allowed is 120 pounds.

DAY 2: Friday, March9, 2018

Team5295 was the second to last team to pass robot inspection early Friday morning.Now that bumpers are complete, the team should not have this problem at oursecond competition.

Robert(jedi safety captain) was the only safety captain to mention the A-B-Ccertification of our fire extinguishers to the Underwriters Laboratory Safety Advisors.  Robert and Zoe (padawan safety captain)toured all 36 robot pits looking at other team’s safety programs. Our first aidkit got used once when moving Locust off the playing field. Thecaptain of our #3 Playoff Alliance, Portland Team 2374 Crusader Bots would winthe UL Industrial Safety Award for its safety program protecting emotions.   

Theteam uniform consisted of 2018 T-shirts, flannel shirts, and arcade hats. Thefront of the T-shirt features the team logo teammates designed February 2017. Zoeand Carolynn designed the back of the 2018 T-shirt.  The actual back art design was a compromise betweenstudent art and manufacturing constraints of our sponsor BlackStarPrint.com.  The retro font and pixelated letters were ahit.  M.Cordova sewed 12 Zelda hats (2each green, blue, purple, red, white & black), and 12 white Ghost hats. Scoutsand drive team wore these as flair for the 80’s arcade atmosphere.  

Carolynn(Jedi) and Hope (Padawan) acted as our Head Scout with assistance from CoachClarey.  Tristin wrote a legend which wason each scout clipboard. All students participated in scouting except for thoseon the pit crew or drive team. Adults rarely did scouting, a huge change fromlast year.  Another improvement from 2017was giving scouts time to take a break and walk the robot pits.

Carolynn(drive coach; talks to other drive coaches on the alliance), and Dylan R(co-driver) competed in every match. Backup driver Seth drove Locust in match 59 early on Day 3.  Tristin (driver) competed in the otherqualification matches and the five playoff matches. Cameron, Dylan R., Dylan S.,and Jaeden took turns as the technician, responsible for any last minuteadjustments to the robot.  James C., JoshS., Kirstin, Rechal, Seth, Te’Yana, and Xavier rotated as the human player. Thehuman player puts new power cubes on the field at the portal and stacks powercubes in the vault. The team used a white board to list the human player andtechnician for each match.

Watchmatches at https://www.thebluealliance.com/team/5295. These sometimes are loaded a full day after the match takes place.

Quals Match 5 Red: Left position. Technician Jaeden & Human player James C. Our autonomous program turned our competitionrobot "Locust" left and “BANG” hit a field fencewall hard.  The center of a green 4”diameter roller cracked all the way through. No one knew this at the time.  Afterthat we could not pickup any yellow power cubes.  Locust could only get 3-4 cubes into thevault. The single mast was very wiggly. 74-164 Loss 0-1 0RP (Ranking Points)

Quals Match 10 Blue: Left position. Technician Cameron & Human player Rechal.  Like the initial match Locust turned left and placed the power cubeoutside the field. We could not pick up a cube and only managed to get threepower cubes into the vault. During the endgame, Team 1425 Wilsonville HighError Code Xero dropped wings, Tristin drove Locust on a wing and Team 1425pulled Team 5295 up for a double climb. 278-312 Loss 0-2 +2RP for 2RP total

Quals Match 17 Blue: Left position. Technician Dylan S. & Human player Seth. Cross the baseline for five points. Tried to pickup and controla cube and dropped it. Locust got three power cubes into the vault. 205-335Loss 0-3 +0RP

Quals Match 22 Red: Center position. Technician Jaeden & Human player Kirstin. M.Bigelow notedthat everyone really likes our robot cart (designed mostly by Jaeden lastyear).  The autonomousprogram does a 180 degree turn to the left. Locust picks up one cube, places iton our switch, and moves four cubes to the vault. 189-302 Loss 0-4 ranked 28th.

Quals Match 26 Red: Center position. Technician Cameron & Human player Josh. Locust places a cube on the opponent’s side of the switch during autonomous.During teleop, Locust gets two cubes on our switch, and moves one power cube tothe vault.  In the end game our alliancepartner Team2471 lifts all three robots for a 90 point climb. 118-327 Loss 0-5 +1RP3RP total now ranked 32nd.

Quals Match 32 Red: Right position. Technician Dylan R. & Human player Te’Yana. Cross baseline in autonomous and place six cubes into vault. 293-366 Loss0-6 +1RP 4RP total still ranked 32nd.

Thiswas the turning point. The pit team took off the arms, discovered the crackedroller and replaced it.  The cracked wheelrotated and at first glance appeared functional.  It was not able to grab a power cube.  Team 5295 stocks extra spares of all parts. Backon the field, Locust played without arms for the rest of the day and went2-1. 

Quals Match 38 Blue: Center position. Technician Dylan S. & Human player Xavier. In autonomous crosses baseline. In teleop Locust moves two into the exchange andshuttles cubes to Team 4488 Shockwave for eight total into vault. 380-91 Win 1-6+2RP 6RP total now ranked 28th.

Quals Match 44 Red: Left position. Technician Cameron & Human player Rechal.Crosses baseline in auto. In teleop Team 5295 gets seven into the vault. 327-303Win 2-6 +3RP 9RP total

Quals Match 54 Blue: Center position. Technician Cameron & Human player Josh. Crossedbaseline in auto. Got seven power cubes to the vault. Parked at the platform inthe endgame. 182-318 Loss 2-7 +0RP 9RP total ranked 27th of 37teams.

Theteam was very optimistic.  The highenergy level was due to preparation and a coaching emphasis on ‘graciousprofessionalism’ of conduct. Coach Clarey ordered dinner from Cracker Barrel whichwe ate in our motel rooms. 

Afterdinner, Carolynn, Hope & Tristin reviewed the scout sheets for an hour.  They prioritized potential robot partners basedon their performance noted on our scout sheets.

Zoewas responsible for putting a fresh battery in Locust before every match.  All batteries used in competition werepurchased in 2018: Astroids, Centipede, DK, Froggert, Galigan, PacMan, and Sonic.Zoe kept a battery log and discovered that pit battery ‘Texas’ could not keep acharge. Power at the high school was very limited.  Overnight batteries charged in the room ofDylan R., Dylan S., and Tristin.  Theteam lugged the 14lbs. batteries and 20lbs charger up to the second floor.

DAY 3: Saturday,March 10, 2018

Quals Match59 Blue: Technician Dylan R. & Human player Te’Yana. The very first matchof the day saw Seth driving Locust with the hands on.  In autonomous, Locust drove past thebaseline.  Locust dropped a power cube onthe carpet barely missing the switch. Locust could not pick up any cubes. Loss 176-455 (highest score) dropped us to #32.

Match60: Team 5198 had only three teammates at Wilsonville and still competed.  Other teams helped them to complete theirrobot and pass inspection.  This FIRSTphilosophy of “Gracious Professionalism” teaches our youth to always sharetheir expertise.

Quals Match63 Red: Technician Dylan S. & Human player ?. Locust lost its right handwith its rollers and motor. Got three cubes in vault. Win 235-205 +3RP nowranked #26.

Quals Match69 Blue: Technician Jaeden & no human player. The small arms with no handsworked well.  There were no motors orrollers, just a foot long 1”x1” square hollow aluminum tube for arms.  This helped driver Tristin and Locust getnine cubes into the vault (worth 135 points). Loss 280-404 +1RP finished qualificationmatches ranked 29th of 37 teams.

Withsixteen teams unpicked, the alliance captain of the #3 playoff alliance –Portland Team 2374 Crusader Bots (#3 after qualifications) – and its partner LakeOswego, Oregon Team 2635 Lake Monsters (#5 after qualifications) had bothexhausted their list of preferred robots. Dylan R. saw a Team 2374 scout in the stands write 5295 on a manillafolder and wave it at their alliance captain. “Team 2374 and Team 2635graciously invite Team 5295”. Our Team 5295 contingent erupted in loud joy.  Team representative Carolynn accepted theoffer.

Duringbuild season, Team 2374 tried different roller configurations (all documentedin CAD) before selecting two 6” diameter gray pneumatic tires for each arm. Theteam’s engineering notebook had CAD snapshots of all the roller configurationsthe team tested. The Crusader Bots also had teammates in the pit who could talkto visitors and judges. This let the pit crew work.    

Afteralliance selection, while the rest of the team ate lunch, the pit crew preparedLocust for the playoff matches.  Theydiscovered that inside the motors powering the rollers, internal gears hadseized, probably due to heat.  The pitcrew changed the motor gear ratio from 30:1 to 40:1 and the problemdisappeared.  Each arm now had one green4” diameter roller.  Driver Tristin saidthe new rollers worked fine.  The pit crewalso added a surgical tube to help Locust hold power cubes up so they would notfall out during travel to a switch.

QF4-1 Red: Technician Cameron and Human player Te’Yana. Locust got nine cubes intothe exchange filling the vault. Te’Yana placed them all in the vault and hitthe buttons. Win 358-146 1-0

QF4-2 Red: Technician Dylan R. Team 5295 got nine cubes into the exchange filling thevault. Loss 244-260 1-1

QF4-3 Red: Technician Dylan S. Locust got a cube on our switch and then nine cubesinto the exchange to fill the vault. Win 281-178 2-1 advances to Semi-Finals.

SF2-1 Blue: Technician Jaeden. Team 5295 got one cube on our switch and nine into thevault. Loss 237-413 0-1

SF2-2 Blue: Technician Cameron. Locust got one cube on our switch and nine into thevault. Loss 271-358 0-2 Our #3 playoff alliance was eliminated and would notplay in the finals.

LOAD-OUT: Cameron, Dylan S,Jaeden, James, Lluvia, Rechal, Te’Yana, & Tristin bagged Locust, packed upthe pit, and loaded the trailer.

Aftera stop at quick stop at Wendy’s (we ate on the bus), E.Stokely drove thetrailer back to Shelton.  Our awesome busdriver Charlene drove us back to Shelton, with one stop at the Toutle Riverrest area. We arrived back at Shelton at 9PM.

SPOKANE March 22-24 At our nextcompetition, better planning will allow the team to hand out buttons andshow-off our wonderful sponsors listed on our banner (similar to the header at thisblogspot).