Destination: Poway!       1971


Local History inks:

Poway Road History: Emery's Memories

Poway Road Automotive Businesses

U.S. 395 & early Pomerado Road

Poway Chamber of Commerce on War Path - 1962

U.S. 395 & Poway Road intersection - 1962accident  graphic   ~         Poway News comment

Poway Road - ameliorating sign clutter 1971

Metate Meadows - Redevelopment Twin Homes - molasses style

Poway Walmart Super Center - Manifest Destiny

Connor RB's "Poway City Photo Archive"

The Iron Company Gym -Twin Peaks at Espola


Maps & Aerial Photos:

Poway USGS survey map 1854-1879       Note the areas labelled: "unsurveyable worthless"

Poway - early street map - undated

Poway Road & Community Road vicinity aerial - 1956
Metate & Montauk Dairy 1940-50's: 2 vanished streets: Prairie Drive to Grasslands Court
Poway Rd & Pomerado Rd    intersection vicinity 1965  - Annotated by Mary Shepardson - hi res - can be magnified
Poway Rd & Community Rd intersection vicinity 1965  - Annotated by Mary Shepardson -hi res - can be magnified
Poway Road corridor map 1977
Aerial 1979 above Tustin Hills & future Business Park- towards Metate & Montauk & beyond to Pomerado
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