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BLH Offers a variety of desktop and laptop repair options. We also offer advanced mobile repair and data recovery solutions.


A wide selection of Windows 10 desktops and laptops available at great prices. All computers come with our BLH Guarantee.

Electronic Recycling Services

Our 60,000 sq ft facility processes over 8 million pounds of recycling per year.

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美女艺术图BLH offers reconditioned desktops and laptops at extremely low prices. We currently have tablets for sale in Springfield.

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Recycling?BLH recycling

BLH accepts all kinds of electronic waste for recycling, not just computers. New recycling policy for 2020, please follow the link below.

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Repair Service?BLH services

BLH offers full service computer and mobile device repair. Have?a problem? We can help.


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BLH is an essential service and will remain open during the lockdown. Ask an associate before bringing in recycling from your vehicle.